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Mini split Installation Process

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Maintain your home as a cool haven with Ductless Mini Split AC systems from Elite HVAC. In our region, many homes lack central air conditioning, leaving homeowners searching for alternate cooling solutions.

Ductless mini splits are systems that present a cost-effective and efficient alternative to cool your home comfortably, even in the absence of central AC. They also provide the luxury of independent temperature control for each room. Bid farewell to uneven cooling and embrace personalized comfort.

Experience the advantage of ductless mini splits and convert your home into a tranquil retreat from the blazing Colorado heat. Reach out to Elite HVAC today and let us assist you in crafting the perfect climate for your home all summer long.

A Resilient Tool For Your Beaver Creek Home

Any Beaver Creek resident knows that our state’s climate can be a roller coaster ride. It’s not uncommon to experience temperature swings from hot to cold, and surprising weather events can crop up even in mid-summer.

Traditional air conditioning units can sometimes fall short when it comes to maintaining a comfortable environment in your home. This is where ductless mini-split AC systems excel.

These units are designed to handle extreme temperatures and offer superior energy efficiency compared to conventional AC systems. But the benefits don’t end there.

Apart from offering effective cooling, ductless mini splits also serve as reliable heating solutions. They can sustain warmth even under frigid conditions down to -13°F (-25°C). This dual functionality ensures your comfort throughout the year and provides peace of mind in case your primary heat source fails.

Mini Split Installation Pricing

Having a functional AC unit is a necessity, and you should have all the necessary information to choose the right system for your home.

For A Single Room*


Includes 1 Mitsubishi indoor head to provide comfort to one room or space in your home. Also includes condenser and up to 50 feet of line set communication and line hide. Provides hot and cold air.

Complete in 2 days.

For Multiple Rooms*


Includes 2 indoor wall mount units to serve multiple rooms. Also includes outdoor condenser with up to 100 feet of line set communication and line hide. Provides hot and cold air.

Complete in 4 days.

For A Single Story*


Includes 1 Mitsubishi Condenser and 3 indoor wall mounted units to serve multiple areas of the home. Also includes up to 150 feet of line set communication wire and line hide. Provides hot and cold air.

Complete in 7-10 days.

Entire home Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning 5+ zones *


Enhance the air conditioning system throughout your entire home with the Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning System, including:

*Prices are averages and may change depending on materials and scope of work.

What Mini Split System Is for me?

Curious about finding the perfect HVAC mini-split system for your needs? Our informative video dives into the world of mini-splits, explaining how they cater to various scenarios. Whether you’re seeking to cool a single room, accommodate a new home addition, or achieve efficient climate control for your entire home, our video sheds light on the versatile benefits of mini-split installations. Discover the ideal solution to keep your space comfortable year-round.

Our Seamless Process In 3 Easy Steps

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Fill out our contact form on the website and give us some information about your project. We will follow up within 24 hours to talk more in depth about your heating and cooling needs, and even discuss timeline and budget.

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Once we have all the details of your project, we will schedule a time to come work our magic. We take care of all the heavy lifting, so you can worry about the things that really matter.

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Step 3. Love Your Home

Now that your system is updated, you get to enjoy your space to it’s full capacity. But don’t worry, even though we’re gone, we’ll make sure to follow up with you over the next two years to ensure your mini split is functioning properly and working to your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions For Mini Split Installation


  1. Energy Efficiency of an Inexpensive Mini Split in Beaver Creek, CO. Without the need for ducts, these systems reduce the risk of energy losses associated with traditional central air systems.
  2. Flexible Installation: These systems provide greater flexibility in installation locations. They do not require extensive ductwork, which makes them suitable for additions to homes or businesses or for areas where installing ductwork is not practical.
  3. Individual Room Control: One of the key advantages is the ability to control temperatures in individual rooms or zones. This feature allows occupants to customize their comfort levels and can lead to additional energy savings.
  4. Cost: The initial setup cost can be relatively high compared to traditional HVAC units. However, this could potentially be offset by lower operating costs over time due to their energy efficiency.
  5. Aesthetics: Some users may find the indoor units less visually appealing than other options due to their noticeable presence on a wall or ceiling.
  6. Regular Cleaning Needed: While not maintenance per se, these systems require regular cleaning for optimum performance and longevity.  


Each indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit through a small conduit, carrying power and refrigerant lines.

When the system is activated, the outdoor unit’s compressor pumps refrigerant through the lines to the indoor units. If cooling is required, the indoor unit’s evaporator coil extracts heat from the room and releases it outdoors. Conversely, for heating, the system reverses the process, extracting heat from outdoor air and releasing it indoors. 

  • They have a quiet operation compared to conventional HVAC systems.
  • They provide improved air quality as they have multi-stage filtration systems.
  • They are safer because they only require a small hole in the wall for installation unlike window ACs that provide easy access for intruders.


Critical Comparison: Ducted Heat Pumps versus Mini Split AC in Beaver Creek, CO – Understanding Their Key Differences

While both ducted heat pumps and ductless mini splits serve similar functions in providing heating and cooling, they have key differences:

FeaturesDucted Heat PumpsDuctless Mini Splits
InstallationRequires extensive ductworkNo ductwork needed
EfficiencyEnergy loss due to ductsHigher efficiency due to no ducts
CostLower initial cost but higher operation costHigher initial cost but lower operation cost
Aesthetic ImpactHidden in walls or ceilingsVisible on walls or ceilings
  • High upfront costs can be prohibitive for some homeowners.
  • The visual presence of indoor units can disrupt home aesthetics.
  • Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain efficiency and prolong the system’s lifespan.


It diverges from traditional heating and cooling systems by eliminating the need for ductwork. Instead, it uses an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air handling units connected by a conduit. Understanding its working mechanism can aid homeowners in making informed decisions about their home’s HVAC needs.

To start with, the outdoor compressor unit of a mini split system is responsible for both heating and cooling. This unit houses components like the compressor, condenser coil, fan motor, expansion valve and reversing valve.

The indoor air handling units are installed in specific areas to provide targeted temperature control. These typically contain an evaporator coil and fan which circulate conditioned air directly into your living space. The number of these units depends upon the size of your home or how many rooms you want to control independently.

The refrigerant tubing allows movement of refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units while the condensate drain line removes water produced during dehumidification process.

When you need warmth, they effectively become heat pumps, absorbing heat from outside (even when it’s chilly) using refrigeration cycle in reverse mode and transferring it inside.

In terms of controls, most models come with remote controls allowing easy adjustment of temperature settings from anywhere within range. Some newer models offer Wi-Fi capabilities enabling control via smartphones or tablets through dedicated apps.


Outdoor Compressor UnitPerforms heating and cooling functions
Indoor Air Handling UnitsProvides temperature-controlled air directly to the room
ConduitCarries power lines, refrigerant tubing, and condensate drain line


Future discussions will delve into their advantages and potential drawbacks, providing a well-rounded outlook on these systems.

They allow for individual temperature regulation in different rooms, providing optimal comfort while minimizing energy consumption.


Energy Efficiency

Mini splits have high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER), which means they use less power to cool or heat your home compared to traditional HVAC systems.

  • Zoned Cooling/Heating:With mini splits, you can control the temperature in individual rooms or zones. This zoning capability eliminates the need for cooling or heating unoccupied spaces, reducing energy usage.
  • No Duct Losses:With no ductwork involved, mini splits avoid this problem completely.


Flexibility and Comfort with a Split System Installer in Beaver Creek, CO

Mini splits offer a level of flexibility that traditional HVAC systems cannot match.

The flexibility extends to installation as well: with no need for extensive ductwork and compact size, these systems enable homeowners to maximize their living space.


Indoor Air Quality and Ductless Mini Splits in Beaver Creek, CO

Ductless mini split AC systems often have built-in air filtration capabilities that significantly improve indoor air quality by reducing dust particles and allergens. This is especially beneficial for those with respiratory ailments or allergies.

Moreover, since there are no ducts to harbor dust or mold, mini splits can help maintain a healthier indoor environment compared to ducted systems.


Quiet Operation by Split System Air Conditioner Installers in Beaver Creek, CO

Compared to traditional cooling and heating systems, mini splits operate with considerably less noise. The main components that generate noise – the compressor and the fan motor – are located in the outdoor unit, resulting in quieter indoor operation.


Easy Installation with Mini Split Installer Beaver Creek, CO

The installation of a mini split system is relatively simpler and quicker than a traditional ducted system. With no need for constructing new ductwork, a qualified professional can generally install these systems within a day.

However, as with any system, it’s essential to evaluate your specific needs and circumstances before deciding on the most suitable HVAC system for your home.

When looking to heat or cool your home, the choice between ducted heat pumps and ductless mini splits can be quite challenging. Both systems come with their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages which depend on the specific needs of a homeowner. Let us delve into understanding their key differences.


Cooling and Heating Capacity

Ducted heat pumps, also known as central air conditioners, are traditional systems that cool air in one centralized location and then distribute it throughout the house using a network of ducts. On the other hand, ductless mini splits have individual units installed in different rooms which can be controlled independently.


Installation Process

Ducted heat pump systems require a network of ducts throughout your house which might necessitate extensive renovations if they aren’t already in place. The installation process is therefore more time-consuming and costly compared to that of a mini split system. Ductless mini splits only require small holes to be drilled in the wall for each indoor unit’s tubing, making their installation process simpler and less invasive.


Energy Efficiency

While both systems are energy-efficient compared to traditional HVAC units, there are differences worth noting. Ductless mini splits eliminate these losses since they directly deliver cool or warm air into a room.


Aesthetic Impact

For homeowners who prioritize aesthetics alongside function, this factor could be critical. Ducted heat pumps are usually less visible as most components are hidden behind walls or above ceilings with only vents or grills visible in each room. Ductless mini splits are more conspicuous as the indoor units are mounted on walls or ceilings of individual rooms.


Cost Considerations

The initial cost of ducted heat pump systems can be higher due to the complexities involved in their installation. However, they tend to have a lower cost per unit of capacity making them potentially more cost-effective for larger homes.

For both options, factors such as the number of zones, the specific model chosen, local labor costs and existing infrastructure can significantly affect the overall costs.

While both ducted heat pumps and ductless mini splits have their merits and demerits, your choice should depend on your individual needs, preferences and budget. Consulting with an HVAC professional can provide personalized advice based on the specifics of your home and climate zone.

These concerns range from installation challenges to long-term costs and performance limitations.


Higher Upfront Costs

The expense stems not only from the equipment itself but also from the need for professional installation due to their complex setup process.


Limited Heating Capabilities

This limitation could be significant in regions with harsh winters or generally cold climates.


Installation Challenges

Installation of ductless mini splits can pose a significant challenge. These systems require multiple indoor units for larger properties and strategic placement to ensure each area of your home receives adequate coverage. Moreover, they have strict requirements for wall space and clearance around both indoor and outdoor units which may constrain installation options.


Possible Aesthetic Concerns

While modern designs are sleeker and less obtrusive than older models, they may still clash with certain interior design choices.


Regular Cleaning Requirement

Though not a maintenance issue per se, it’s important to note that the filters on ductless mini-split systems require cleaning every four weeks depending on use. This regular cleaning helps ensure optimal performance but requires more attention than what traditional HVAC filters might demand.


Requires Professional Installation

As previously mentioned, installing a ductless mini-split system is not a job for an average homeowner due to its complexity. Unlike window AC units that can be replaced or installed without much hassle, ductless mini splits require professional installation. This results in additional costs upfront.

While these systems provide many advantages, some setbacks need to be considered carefully to ensure they’re the best fit for your specific requirements and circumstances.

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Ricardo was great. Very proactive in getting things done and beat of all, he found me a $4000 rebate for our project.
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Ricardo installed a Mitsubishi cold climate heat pump for our home. He worked with us to get the system that fit our existing home the best (we replaced a ducted forced air gas furnace). I received quotes from several other local companies, but they were all trying to sell me other products and they never really bothered to follow up or respond to questions with the systems they proposed. The Elite HVAC bid came in well below others. Ricardo was super responsive and came back out several times to discuss the project to make sure we were comfortable with the install and where everything would be placed. He helped me get everything prepared for our HOA and to get our refund from Holy Cross and Walking Mountain. The communication, service and quality with his work were terrific.
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I had a great experience with Ricardo and Elite. Ricardo really impressed me with his professionalism and knowledge. He was very patient with my many questions. I am so glad I chose Ricardo and Elite to install my new AC. The work was done quickly and efficiently. He has even checked in with me from time to time to see how the AC is working. I Highly recommend Elite !
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Elite HVAC installed a mini-split A/C unit with two indoor units to cool two bedrooms. Ricardo proved to be very reliable and friendly, and charged less than the other HVAC company that bid on the job. He came when he said he would and installed the units very quickly in two days with minimum mess or disruption.
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Elite HVAC were very professional. During my search for a contractor, they kept in contact. Once we agreed on the routing of the pipes and scope of work, the performed as agreed and on time. They were very careful in protect the floors and cleanup at the end of the day. What more could I ask? They did the work professionally as agreed and on time.

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