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Air Conditioning Installation Guide For Eagle County Home Owners

What to Expect During Your Smooth Eagle County AC Installation: A Guide by Elite HVAC Contractors, Your Trusted Installers [With Video]

Hello Eagle County! Ricardo from Elite HVAC here. We know getting a new air conditioning system is exciting, but the process can also feel a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this guide to walk you through every step of your installation. We even included a video so you can see exactly what to expect. Relax, we’ve got you covered!

Here's that Eagle County AC install video we promised: Relax and see how it's done!"

Eagle County AC Installs: Reputable Contractors Protect Your Home First

At Elite HVAC Contractors, we understand inviting us into your home is an act of trust. That’s why our respect for your Eagle County home starts with protecting it. Here’s what to expect at the beginning of your AC install:

  • Floors and carpets are our first priority. Before tools come inside, your HVAC contractor should cover walkways and work areas.
  • Furniture protection is a must. Any work near furniture means plastic coverings to prevent dust and scratches.
  • This IS the standard. Demand this level of care from your HVAC contractor – it’s a sign of how the whole installation will be handled.

Time to tool up! What your Eagle County AC installer brings for the job

Minimizing Disruption: Your Staging Area Matters

The next step for your HVAC contractor is finding a designated space for tools and equipment. At Elite HVAC, we know your Eagle County home is your sanctuary. That’s why, after protecting it, we work with you to find a convenient staging area for tools and equipment. This careful planning isn’t just about efficiency – it’s about respecting your space and minimizing disruption. Our Milwaukee Packout system keeps us organized and ready, ensuring a smooth installation and showing our commitment to your peace of mind.

Eagle County AC Installs: Safety First – Disconnecting Gas, and Turning Off Power

After your HVAC contractor sets up their tools and equipment, they’ll take these crucial steps to ensure a safe and efficient removal of your old system. At Elite HVAC Contractors, we always start with:

  • Powering Down: Safely disconnecting power to your condenser, furnace, and any related HVAC equipment.
  • Shutting Off Gas: Ensuring your furnace’s gas supply is securely turned off.
  • Disconnecting the Essentials: Carefully disconnecting:
    • Gas supply lines
    • Thermostat controls
    • Ductwork connections

Why We Prioritize Safety: This careful process not only protects your home and our technicians but also lays the foundation for a smooth and successful installation of your new Eagle County AC system.

Safe Refrigerant Removal: Protecting the Environment During Your Eagle County AC Install

Eagle County deserves an HVAC company that cares as much about the environment as they do about your comfort. At Elite HVAC Contractors, we take that responsibility seriously. We prioritize sustainability during every installation. This means meticulously recovering refrigerant using specialized equipment and EPA-approved procedures. We never let harmful refrigerants escape, ensuring they are recycled responsibly. Our commitment extends beyond refrigerant – we strive to recycle as much of your old equipment as possible, minimizing waste. Choose Elite HVAC, and choose a company that protects Eagle County’s beauty for generations to come.

The Next Step in Your Eagle County AC Install: Removing the Old Equipment

With refrigerant safely handled, the only remaining connections to your old HVAC system should be the refrigerant pipes. Your contractor will now complete any necessary demolition, which might get a bit noisy for a short time. Don’t be surprised to see them carefully hauling out the old equipment and any related debris.

Get Ready for Comfort: Installing Your New Eagle County AC System

Now, the excitement builds! Your new Eagle County AC system is ready for installation. At Elite HVAC, we work strategically to ensure a smooth and efficient process. I, Ricardo, specialize in the indoor furnace and coil connections, while my teammate Andy expertly handles the outdoor condenser. This division of labor means no time wasted! Inside, I’ll reconnect ductwork, and gas lines to your new furnace, plus the thermostat wiring. Simultaneously, Andy will be outside making all the necessary condenser connections. Our apprentice Raul plays a vital role throughout, keeping the workspace clean for a spotless final inspection. Soon, your new AC will be ready to deliver years of reliable comfort!

Get to Know Your New AC System: Final Walkthrough

The Home Stretch: Your New AC Comes to Life!

Your new air conditioner is ready to transform your Eagle County home. As your HVAC experts, we’re here to guide you through everything you need to know. I’ll walk you through simple maintenance tips, how to use your thermostat like a pro, and the amazing features your new system offers. This isn’t just about the AC – it’s about your peace of mind. Ask any questions you have! After our walkthrough, you’ll feel confident about your new system and ready to enjoy a more comfortable, worry-free home.

Eagle County AC Installations Demystified! Got Questions? Your Local Experts Are Here

We hope this blog post and video have eased any worries you had about your Eagle County AC installation. If you still have questions or want an expert’s opinion, don’t hesitate to contact Elite HVAC. Stay connected with us on social media @elitehvaccontractor or subscribe to our YouTube channel for ongoing tips and educational content tailored for Eagle County homeowners.

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