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Beat The Vail Chill With A Cold Climate Heat Pump

At Elite HVAC, we’re committed to providing the best solutions for maintaining a comfortable home in Colorado’s diverse climate. Our cold climate heat pump installation services, available for both ductless and ducted systems, are designed to offer maximum comfort and efficiency.

Why Choose A Cold Climate Heat Pump For Your Vail Home?

  • Efficient Heating: Our heat pumps, including the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat models, are designed to perform efficiently in extreme temperatures, operating effectively in conditions as low as -13°F (-25°C).
  • Energy Savings: Equipped with advanced inverter compressor technology, these heat pumps offer superior energy efficiency, reducing utility costs while maintaining optimal comfort.
  • Dual Functionality: These pumps provide heating and cooling options, perfect for year-round comfort in Colorado’s varied climate.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailoring our services to your specific needs, we offer solutions ranging from single-room installations to whole-house systems.
  • All Electric Heat Pumps: Our ducted cold climate heat pumps can incorporate electric heating elements as supplemental heat for our clients who don’t have any other heating source or don’t want any gas heating in their homes.

Our Approach to Cold Climate Heat Pump Installation

Experience Sustainable Comfort and Efficiency in Your Home

Tailored Solutions

We assess your needs to recommend the best cold climate heat pump model for your home, ensuring optimal efficiency and comfort.

Professional Installation

Our skilled technicians guarantee a seamless and efficient installation process, ensuring your heat pump operates at peak performance.

Quality Products

We prioritize top-quality cold climate heat pumps from reputable manufacturers, ensuring you benefit from energy-efficient heating and long-term reliability.

Getting Started Is Easy

Feel free to get in touch with us by filling out our contact form or giving us a call to initiate a discussion about your needs. Through customized planning, we will collaborate with you to find the perfect solution tailored to your home. Rest assured, our experienced team will oversee the professional installation process, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Cold Climate Heat Pump Installation In Vail, CO

What is the starting price for installing a ductless cold climate heat pump in one room?

The starting price for a ductless cold climate heat pump installation in a single room in Vail, CO, is $10,000. 

For larger installations covering up to 5 rooms, the starting price is $50,000. These are average prices and can vary based on specific requirements and materials used.

The starting price for installing a ducted all-electric heat pump in Vail Valley, CO, is approximately $28,000. Please note that this is an average cost and may vary depending on the materials used and the specific requirements of your installation.

Absolutely! Cold climate heat pumps offer dual functionality, providing efficient winter heating and effective summer cooling. This makes them an ideal year-round comfort solution for the varied climate of Vail.

Cold climate heat pumps are more environmentally friendly because they utilize advanced inverter compressor technology for superior energy efficiency. This technology reduces utility costs and minimizes environmental impact, making them a sustainable choice for heating and cooling in Eagle County Valley.


HVAC systems are crucial to maintaining optimal comfort in your homes or workplaces, particularly during extreme weather conditions. However, they can accumulate dust, dirt, and other contaminants over time that reduce their efficiency and affect indoor air quality. This makes HVAC cleaning a vital aspect of ensuring system longevity and optimal functionality. Let’s delve into the costs involved in HVAC cleaning and the significant benefits derived from this service.



The cost of cleaning an HVAC system varies depending on several factors including the size of your system, the level of contamination, and the services included. Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Initial Inspection: This is usually the first step in HVAC cleaning where professionals assess your system to determine its condition and what services are required. 
  • Duct Cleaning: Ducts can harbor dust, pet dander, mold, bacteria and other pollutants that impact air quality. 
  • Coil Cleaning: Over time, coils can gather dust and grime which decreases their efficiency. 
  • Air Handler Cleaning: Air handlers circulate conditioned air throughout your space. 


Please note that these costs may vary based on your circumstances and local rates.



Clean HVAC systems come with a wealth of benefits:

  • Improved Air Quality: Regularly cleaned HVAC systems help reduce pollutants like dust mites, allergens, bacteria, etc., resulting in better indoor air quality.
  • Increased Efficiency: Dirt build-up can force your system to work harder than it needs to – using more energy in the process. By keeping it clean you ensure its efficiency which results in lower energy consumption.
  • Extended Lifespan: Regular cleaning can prevent wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your HVAC system.
  • Lower Energy Bills: As a cleaner system runs more efficiently, this can lead to significant savings on your energy bills.


It’s important to remember that while there might be an upfront cost for HVAC cleaning, it’s a long-term investment towards the health of your HVAC system and indoor air quality. A clean HVAC system is a comprehensive solution for saving money, maintaining optimal comfort levels and ensuring extended equipment lifespan.

While some homeowners might consider DIY cleaning methods as a way to cut costs, it’s essential to evaluate the benefits of professional services. Professional HVAC cleaners have specialized tools and expertise essential for thorough cleaning. In our next segment, we’ll delve more into factors influencing HVAC cleaning costs and comparison between DIY and professional services.

Numerous Factors that Influence the Cost of HVAC Cleaning

HVAC cleaning is a vital part of ensuring your system operates optimally all year round. Many factors can influence the cost of this service, such as the size of your system, its location, the complexity of the job, and whether any additional services are needed. In this section, we explore some of these critical factors that have an impact on HVAC cleaning costs.



The more extensive and intricate your HVAC system is, the higher the cost to clean it. A smaller residential HVAC system will typically cost less to clean than a large commercial system due to fewer components requiring attention. Similarly, systems with more modern technology or specialty features may require specialized cleaning methods or technicians with specific knowledge, potentially increasing costs.



If your HVAC unit is located in hard-to-reach spots like crawl spaces or attics, professionals may charge extra due to the increased labor and time required for access. The geographical location can also play a role in determining costs; contractors in larger cities may have higher rates than those operating in rural areas due to variables like operational expenses and competition.



The extent and type of contamination can also affect costs substantially. If your HVAC system suffers from mold or high levels of dust and dirt buildup, it will understandably require more intensive work compared to regular maintenance. Severe contamination issues might necessitate use of specialized equipment or cleaning solutions, which could add to your overall bill.



Some households may need additional services depending on their individual circumstances. For instance, if you have pets that shed a lot or members who smoke indoors often, you might need air-duct sealing services in addition to regular HVAC cleaning. This service helps prevent contaminants from entering the air stream and keeps your indoor air quality high but will incur extra charges.



Generally speaking, the longer it’s been since the last cleaning, the more expensive the service will be. A system that hasn’t been cleaned in years will have more debris and possibly damage, requiring more thorough work.

Here’s a brief tabular breakdown of these factors:

Factors Influencing Cost


Size and type of HVAC system

Larger, intricate systems with modern technology usually cost more to clean

Location of HVAC system

Hard-to-reach locations or geographical areas with high labor costs can increase price

Level of contamination

Severe contamination necessitates specialized cleaning methods

Additional services

Extra services like duct sealing add to overall cost

Time since last cleaning

The longer the time since last cleaning, typically higher are the costs


It is essential to consider these factors when budgeting for HVAC cleaning or comparing quotes from different contractors. Understanding these elements can also help you identify opportunities to mitigate costs such as regular cleaning to prevent severe contamination buildups. Further, a well-maintained HVAC system can save you money in the long run by replacing parts less often and reducing overall wear and tear.

The Remarkable Benefits of Regular HVAC Cleaning Services

The HVAC system in any residential or commercial setting plays a pivotal role in maintaining indoor comfort and air quality. Regular cleaning of this system can offer several benefits that extend beyond the simple removal of dust and debris. Such benefits include improved air quality, energy efficiency, system longevity, and cost savings.



One of the significant advantages of regular HVAC cleaning services is the enhancement of indoor air quality. Over time, dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and other allergens can accumulate within the ductwork. These harmful particles can move throughout your space.


By opting for regular cleaning services, these allergens are effectively removed from circulation.

  • It results in healthier indoor air which is especially beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory issues.



Another key benefit lies within energy efficiency. A clean HVAC system functions more efficiently than a dirty one.

  • Dirt and debris build-up within the system can impede airflow and cause strain on its components.
  • This strain forces the unit to work harder to maintain desired temperatures thus consuming more energy.
  • Regular cleaning alleviates this issue by removing obstructions and enabling smooth operation.



Maintaining a clean HVAC system also contributes to its longevity.

  • The build-up of dirt and debris not only affects efficiency but also increases wear on various components.
  • This accelerated wear can lead to premature failure requiring costly replacements.
  • By scheduling regular cleanings, you ensure that your unit operates optimally for longer periods reducing replacement expenditures.



The benefits above collectively contribute towards cost savings making regular HVAC cleaning services an economically smart choice.


Cost Saving

Improved Air Quality

Reduces health-related costs from allergies or respiratory issues.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Lowers utility bills by reducing energy consumption.

Increased System Longevity

Minimizes the need for expensive component replacements.


In essence, regular HVAC cleaning services offer numerous benefits that collectively result in healthier indoor environments, efficient system operation, longer system lifespan, and overall cost savings. Hence, these services are not merely an additional expense but rather a preventative measure that maximizes the return from your HVAC investment.

Detailed Comparison: Do it Yourself vs Professional HVAC Cleaning Services

In considering the cleaning of your HVAC system, two main options readily come to mind; DIY (Do-it-Yourself) and hiring professional cleaning services. Each of these options has its merits and demerits, and the choice largely depends on individual circumstances, preferences, and considerations. Here is a detailed comparison between the two options:



In a do-it-yourself approach to HVAC cleaning, homeowners take on the responsibility of cleaning their HVAC systems. They use available resources and tools to clean out dust, debris, and other foreign materials that may have accumulated in their air ducts or other parts of their HVAC system.



  • The most significant advantage is cost savings. You don’t have to pay labor costs associated with professional service.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to learn more about your device’s workings.



  • It can be time-consuming as you may lack necessary technical knowledge.
  • There exists a higher risk of damaging your HVAC system due to inexperience or incorrect handling.
  • There is no guarantee that your DIY attempt will thoroughly clean your system like a professional service would.



Professional HVAC cleaning services involve hiring trained experts who use specialized equipment to clean various components of an HVAC system thoroughly.



  • Professionals have extensive training in managing and cleaning all types of HVAC systems.
  • They use high-grade equipment designed specifically for such tasks which lead to more efficient results.
  • It saves time since professionals can complete the job faster due to their experience and expertise.
  • There is limited risk involved as professionals are insured against damage to property during service provision.



  • The most apparent disadvantage here is cost. Contracting professional services can be relatively expensive compared to a DIY approach.



Here’s a table that provides an at-a-glance comparison between DIY and professional HVAC cleaning services:


DIY HVAC Cleaning

Professional HVAC Cleaning


Less expensive

More expensive

Time Efficient



Risk Level

High risk of damage to the system

Low risk due to professional handling

Quality of Work

May not thoroughly clean the system

Guaranteed thorough cleaning


From the above comparison, it is quite clear that while the DIY approach may save you some money upfront, the potential risks and time involved may outweigh these savings. On the other hand, using a professional service guarantees a thorough job with minimal risks, albeit at a higher cost. Ultimately, your choice should be guided by your specific needs, budget constraints, and how important your HVAC system’s longevity and performance are to you.



The pricing components of HVAC cleaning usually involve labor costs, materials used, and the size or complexity of your HVAC system. However, the price can scale up depending on the extensiveness of the service required.

  • Labor Costs: The primary component in any service-based job is labor cost, and this holds true for HVAC cleaning as well. Labor costs account for the number of hours technicians spend inspecting, cleaning, and servicing your system.
  • Materials: This includes specialized tools and equipment used in the process such as high-powered vacuums, brushes, chemical treatments if necessary.
  • System Size/Complexity: A larger or more complex system may require more time to clean effectively which in turn can increase the total cost.



While it may seem costly at first glance, ensuring your HVAC system is cleaned regularly comes with numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced System Efficiency: A clean system operates more efficiently than a dirty one. Less strain on your equipment can result in lower energy consumption hence lower energy bills.
  • Improved Air Quality: Regularly cleaned systems provide better air quality by removing dust particles and allergens that could otherwise circulate through your home or commercial space.
  • Longer System Lifespan: Regular cleaning helps maintain the longevity of your system components which prevents premature replacements.



Given these financial considerations, it’s important to factor in the benefits when considering the cost of professional HVAC cleaning services. Investing in professional cleaning services can prove to be cost-effective in the long run. The initial output may seem substantial, but considering the benefits of cleaner air, lower energy bills and a longer system lifespan, it makes sense to view these services as an investment.

Remember to always compare prices from different service providers and check their credibility before making a decision. Also keep in mind that while DIY efforts might seem cheaper, they may not provide the same level of thoroughness and can end up costing more if damage occurs during cleaning.

Considering all these factors, it is clear that HVAC cleaning has its financial obligations but also comes with significant benefits that make it a worthy investment for homeowners and businesses alike.

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Zak BocaZak Boca
22:48 14 Jul 23
I wouldn’t work with anyone else! They do a phenomenal job I highly recommend.
Sally AgnolettoSally Agnoletto
15:33 07 Jul 23
Incredible Service - would absolutely refer their business
Sean BoggsSean Boggs
12:32 29 Mar 23
Ricardo was great. Very proactive in getting things done and beat of all, he found me a $4000 rebate for our project.
bret taberbret taber
04:47 04 Feb 23
Ricardo installed a Mitsubishi cold climate heat pump for our home. He worked with us to get the system that fit our existing home the best (we replaced a ducted forced air gas furnace). I received quotes from several other local companies, but they were all trying to sell me other products and they never really bothered to follow up or respond to questions with the systems they proposed. The Elite HVAC bid came in well below others. Ricardo was super responsive and came back out several times to discuss the project to make sure we were comfortable with the install and where everything would be placed. He helped me get everything prepared for our HOA and to get our refund from Holy Cross and Walking Mountain. The communication, service and quality with his work were terrific.
Colleen GauronColleen Gauron
13:48 17 Aug 22
I had a great experience with Ricardo and Elite. Ricardo really impressed me with his professionalism and knowledge. He was very patient with my many questions. I am so glad I chose Ricardo and Elite to install my new AC. The work was done quickly and efficiently. He has even checked in with me from time to time to see how the AC is working. I Highly recommend Elite !
Jimmy ArbourJimmy Arbour
17:21 13 Aug 22
Elite HVAC installed a mini-split A/C unit with two indoor units to cool two bedrooms. Ricardo proved to be very reliable and friendly, and charged less than the other HVAC company that bid on the job. He came when he said he would and installed the units very quickly in two days with minimum mess or disruption.
Brad GreenwayBrad Greenway
21:21 10 Aug 22
Elite HVAC were very professional. During my search for a contractor, they kept in contact. Once we agreed on the routing of the pipes and scope of work, the performed as agreed and on time. They were very careful in protect the floors and cleanup at the end of the day. What more could I ask? They did the work professionally as agreed and on time.

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