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Air Conditioning Installation For Eagle County Colorado
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The Client: ZAKS Story

Faced with a challenging decision, Zak weighed his options between conducting expensive, labor-intensive repairs on his outdated air conditioner and investing in a modern replacement. Aware that mere repairs would only serve as a temporary solution, he opted for a more sustainable choice. Zak ultimately decided to replace his old system with a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency air conditioning unit. This choice not only ensured his home’s comfort but also promised long-term sustainability and peace of mind, securing a cooler, more efficient environment for the future.

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Air Conditioning system in Eagle co for cooling

The Challenge

The challenge centered on achieving a balance between efficiency and sustainability, with a swift completion timeline. The innovative approach involved the integration of a high-efficiency furnace alongside a Mitsubishi Intelli-Heat dual fuel heat pump, ensuring a blend of electric and gas heating for maximum comfort and reduced environmental impact.

Zak's Journey With Elite HVAC



The design phase was guided by the dual goals of achieving top-notch efficiency and maintaining Zak’s confidence in the system’s reliability. Opting for a 96% efficient Goodman gas furnace coupled with the Mitsubishi Intelli-Heat Heat Pump allowed for an eco-friendly approach to heating and cooling, ensuring that efficiency gains didn’t come at the cost of the trusted reliability our client expects.



The build phase was efficient and smooth. We started by protecting Zak’s Home followed by the removal of the old equipment making space for the higher efficient air conditioning installation, Upon completion we showed Zak everything he needed to know to operate and maintain his new air conditioner system .



Zak is now enjoying a cooler summer and warmer winter with his new air conditioning system. And there’s a bonus— He is doing so while reducing his carbon footprint thanks to the high efficient furnace paired with a dual fuel heat pump.

What The Client Had To Say

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