Retrofitting Comfort: Tackling Eagle County's New Climate Reality

Two-Zone Mini Split Ductless Installation

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A Brief Overview

Creating a comfortable living environment is essential, and for Chuck in Eagle, Colorado, the answer was a two-zone mini split ductless installation. This project wasn’t just about beating the heat but introducing a flexible, efficient cooling solution into a home without existing ductwork. As temperatures rise and cooling becomes more of a necessity than a luxury, solutions like these are becoming increasingly vital for homeowners.


Project Completion Date




The Team

The Client: Chuck's Story

Chuck sought a simple yet effective solution to stay cool during the hot summer months in Eagle County. Previously, homes like Chuck’s didn’t require elaborate cooling systems, but as times change, so do our needs.

Chuck wanted a system that would seamlessly integrate into his home without requiring extensive construction or alteration of his home’s current design.

Before image of the outside of Chuck's home.
Before image of the outside of Chuck's home.

The Challenge

Traditionally designed without ductwork, Eagle County homes pose a unique challenge for introducing a modern cooling system. Chuck needed an efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and minimally invasive solution. Our team at Elite HVAC was up to the task, ready to deliver comfort without compromise.

Chuck's Journey With Elite HVAC



The design process began with a careful assessment of Chuck’s needs. We focused on the kitchen and office areas, planning to install wall-mounted units connected to an outdoor condenser placed strategically near the garage. Our design emphasized minimal interior disruption, utilizing exterior wall routing for a clean, unobtrusive look.

Ricardo showing off the AC unit.
Ricardo talking in the garage.



The build phase was efficient and responsive. The kitchen and office installations went smoothly, with immediate follow-up on necessary drywall repairs. Upon Chuck’s request, we seamlessly incorporated a third unit for the living room without extending our timeline.



Chuck is now enjoying a cooler summer with his new mini split system. And there’s a bonus—these units also provide heating in winter, ensuring year-round comfort.

Ricardo showing off the AC unit. Air Conditioning mini split

The Elite Solution

Chuck had a positive experience with Elite HVAC. The company treated him with respect, professionalism, and transparency throughout the process. 

He was particularly impressed with our ability to adapt and meet deadlines, even with last-minute changes. The result is a comfortable, cool home ready for both summer heat and winter chill.

What The Client Had To Say

Stay Comfortable No Matter The Weather