HVAC Transformation in Eagle County: from Fossil Fuels to Sustainable Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Cold Climate Heat Pump Installation

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A Brief Overview

The Tabers, conscious of the environmental impact of their older gas furnaces, sought a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for home comfort in Eagle County. Opting for cold climate heat pumps marked a deliberate shift from non-renewable fossil fuels to efficiency and sustainability. Beyond mere technological change, this decision redefines the essence of home comfort, focusing on a greener tomorrow.


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The Team

Meet The Homeowners:
The Taber Family

The Tabers recognized the importance of a reliable heating system for their harsh winters in Colorado. This prompted a shift from older gas furnaces to the innovative Mitsubishi cold climate heat pump systems.

This eco-conscious decision aligns with a broader industry trend, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency, and signifies a significant reduction in energy consumption and utility costs for the Tabers.

The dual-fuel heating system on the lower level and the cutting-edge Mitsubishi SVZ air handler with a cold climate heat pump on the upper level provide adaptable solutions, offering a more efficient, eco-friendly, and versatile HVAC system tailored to Eagle County’s diverse climate.

gas furnace before
furnace fumes

The Challenge

The Tabers previously had two older 80% efficiency gas-burning furnaces that relied on natural gas, a non-renewable fossil fuel. The issue with these furnaces was their limited efficiency, contributing to concerns about environmental impact and significant carbon emissions, which in turn contributed to the greenhouse effect.

The Tabers Journey With Elite HVAC



Elite HVAC thoroughly assessed the Tabers’ heating and cooling needs, considering their existing gas furnaces, family concerns, and the unique climate challenges in Eagle County. This involved planning the optimal placement of equipment, ensuring compatibility with existing ductwork, and addressing potential challenges associated with the upgrade.

The planning process also included engagement with the Homeowners Association to secure necessary approvals, ensuring compliance with community regulations.

Graph of heating performance
Goodman furnace with Mitsubishi intelli-heat edwards co copy



In the construction phase, Elite HVAC prioritized protecting the Tabers’ home before removing the old furnace. The installation of the ducted cold climate heat pump followed, with ongoing communication through daily updates containing pictures and videos.

This kept the Tabers well-informed and provided an avenue for addressing any additional questions or concerns throughout the installation process.



Now equipped with cutting-edge HVAC systems, the Tabers can fully enjoy their home with enhanced comfort and efficiency. The reduction in carbon emissions and energy costs further contributes to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective lifestyle, aligning with the Tabers’ commitment to sustainability.

completed HVAC project

The Elite Solution

Elite HVAC successfully addressed the Tabers’ heating and cooling challenges by replacing their traditional gas furnace with cutting-edge Mitsubishi systems on both upper and lower levels.

The implemented solutions, including the Mitsubishi SVZ air handler and Cold Climate Heat Pump, significantly reduced the Tabers’ carbon footprint and provided a versatile and efficient HVAC system tailored to Eagle County’s diverse climate.

What The Client Had To Say

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